Stars – “Streetlights” (Kanye West Cover)

Stars – “Streetlights” (Kanye West Cover)

“Streetlights,” from 808s & Heartbreak, is the closest thing that Kanye West has ever made to a full-on dreampop song, and I’ve always thought it was weird that shoegaze bands weren’t lining up to cover it. Well, Montreal synthpoppers Stars have just done their own chamber-pop version of it, and it’s very pretty. And on their SoundCloud page, they’ve also left a note making it clear that they aren’t doing this in any kind of solidarity with Kanye: “we do a slightly better version of streetlights than he does. and we believe women. ?#?outboastkanye? ?#?billcosbynotinnocent?.” Listen to Stars’ version of the song below.

Stars’ 2014 album No One Is Lost is out on ATO.

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