Stream A Scarily Accurate Sun Kil Moon Parody EP

Stream A Scarily Accurate Sun Kil Moon Parody EP

Never underestimate the power of the human spirit. Many of us might make jokes about Mark Kozelek and his tendency to write long, rambling, discursive songs about recently-deceased rock stars and whatever he ate that morning. But one guy named Morgan went a whole lot further than that. He recorded an entire EP, as “Sun Kil Moon,” about eating lobster and Glenn Frey and being mad about hipsters. The EP uses plenty of Kozelek’s favorite tricks — double-tracked vocals, fluttery acoustic guitar solos — and it sounds so much like Sun Kil Moon that it’s positively uncanny. Listen to it below.

Pretty soon, Mark Kozelek will hear this and record his own EP about it, and reality will bend in on itself.

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