Stream Guerilla Toss Eraser Stargazer

Stream Guerilla Toss Eraser Stargazer

After knocking around the Boston and Brooklyn scenes since 2012 and leaving a trail of legendarily rowdy shows in their wake, Guerilla Toss’ unparalleled promise is realized on their full-length DFA debut. Eraser Stargazer is bloody and brutal fun, one of the best fuck-you-and-fuck-everyone-you-know records of the year. I can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to this on the long drunk walk home, pissed off at the world and everything around me. It’s great for that. But if you peek under the abrasive surface, you’ll find encouraging new age proclamations, portents about new and old evils. Kassie Carlson is the orbit around which everything centers; she speaks and screams and squeals in equal measure, acting somewhere in between an agitated life coach and a futuristic shaman. The rest of the band writhes in reply to her every command.

Lead singles “Diamond Girls” and “Grass Shack” (which was released just yesterday — a haphazard rollout feels all too appropriate for a band that thrives on chaos and uncertainty) only scratch the surface of the hot tracks on this. My favorites alternate between snarling opener “Multibeast TV” (“You want it?! Why don’t you look out the window?“) and the throbbing “Perfume,” but every track is unimaginably great and each one pops off hard. This high a level of intensity would grate over any longer than a half-hour, but thankfully Eraser Stargazer clocks in at just under that, which also makes it all that much easier to hit repeat. Listen below.

And here’s a video for closing track “Doll Face On The Calico Highway”:

Eraser Stargazer is out 3/4 via DFA Records.

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