Oscar – “Sometimes” Video

Oscar – “Sometimes” Video

In British pop-rocker Oscar’s new video for the song “Sometimes” he takes a “fantastic journey through the West,” exploring some of the quirkiest niche communities of America. Back when we premiered an earlier version of “Sometimes” in 2014, it had a different video built around shots of Oscar and several crying women in a bathtub. In this new, significantly different clip directed by Bryan Schlam, Oscar is seen dancing and playing his guitar in front of classic California roadside attractions like the eccentric Cabazon Dinosaurs and the ever-popular Randy’s Donuts. The video follows Oscar as he meets some of “the finest clubs and organizations our great nation has to offer,” including true American gems like the Cloudy Knights Vape Team and The Cow Town Singles Squaredance Club. As vaulting tweens clad in spandex unitards chase Oscar through the street and rollerskaters breakdance around him in a neon-lit roller rink, the video inevitably encapsulates the song’s glimmering joy. Watch below.

Oscar’s first full length album Cut And Paste is out 5/13 via Wichita.

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