Watch Drake Do “Hotline Bling” At A Bat Mitzvah

Watch Drake Do “Hotline Bling” At A Bat Mitzvah

Drake loves Jewish coming of age ceremonies! He reminisced about his own bar mitzvah in an SNL monologue, an experience he evidently enjoyed so much that he decided to get re-bar mitzvah’d in his “HYFR” video. And last night, as Complex reports, the Jewish rapper brought his goofy-ass moves to the dancefloor of one very lucky girl’s bat mitzvah at NYC’s Rainbow Room, where he performed his version of Fetty Wap’s “My Way” and “Hotline Bling” for the first time outside of a festival. Watch Drake in his element below.

Met Drake last night 🙈🔥

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My bar mitzvah was not nearly this exciting! Anyway, that girl must have some rich parents. Back in 2011, Drake charged $250,000 for a performance at then-NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker’s son’s bar mitzvah, and I’m sure his asking price has only gone way up since then.

Also, does anyone else really want footage of lil Drake reciting his Torah portion?

UPDATE: According to TMZ, the bat mitzvah was for Gigi Ashkenazy, daughter of Ben Ashkenazy who owns an NYC-based commercial real estate firm worth approximately $7 billion. He can well afford Drake’s $300,000 – $600,000 rate for private parties.

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