Snow Roller – “Too Good” (Stereogum Premiere)

Snow Roller – “Too Good” (Stereogum Premiere)

Snow Roller hail from the same Portland scene that is also currently home to Sioux Falls — who released their excellent debut album Rot Forever last week — and they share a similar approach to synthesizing the best of ’90s alt-rock, brushing some of the dust and well-worn tropes off, and packaging it into something nostalgic and irreverent. (They also, not coincidentally, released a very good split together last year.) Snow Roller currently have one EP to their name, but later this year they’ll put out What’s The Score?, their debut full-length. The cheerful and expansive opening of lead single “Too Good” is as good an introduction as any to the charms of the band, as Colin Kritz’s mind and voice wanders from imagining what someone you like is doing when you’re not around to getting distracted by the thought of their friend’s dog. They manage to insert some pathos amidst the goofiness and fun: “I hate going to bars for fear of being lonely,” and the kicker: “I’d give you my number if I wasn’t so tired.” Listen below.

01 “Too Good”
02 “Same Reasons”
03 “Kidney Stone”
04 “Afterthought”
05 “Fritz Brickle”
06 “Living The Dreamshake”
07 “Cycling”
08 “Snot”
09 “Say More”
10 “Kar Kar Binks”

What’s The Score is out 3/25 via Broken World Media. You can pre-order it here.

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