Kanye West Wants To Fix The Grammys, Promises New Album This Summer

Kanye West cares deeply about the Grammys. That much has always been obvious. (I’ve written about why he probably shouldn’t, but he does.) And even though West has won a huge pile of rap Grammys, he always loses out on the important awards when he’s up against white artists; it’s been the case ever since he lost Best New Artist to country singer Gretchen Wilson in 2005. And now he’s saying that he wants to fix the awards, to make them less out-of-touch. Good luck, Kanye!

In a brand-new tweetstorm, West writes that the Grammys are important but also broken, and he writes that he’d like to sit down with National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences president Neil Portnow to talk about how the Grammys can be better. And he pulls the “most important living artist” card, threatening not to show up at next year’s ceremony, so you know he’s serious. Read what Kanye has to say below.

I would love to see a world where Future and Young Thug get Grammy recognition, but I can’t imagine how many things will have to change to make that happen.

And then, just when things seemed to be winding down:

Bless you, Twitter Kanye.

UPDATE: Grammy boss Neil Portnow has responded to Kanye West, issuing this statement to The FADER:

Kanye West is a creative pioneer who has been recognized and honored by The Recording Academy time and again. We value his input as a member of the creative community, and our doors are always open to him. I continue to welcome Kanye, personally, to engage in a direct and productive dialogue about the future of music and the important role that music creators play in shaping that future.