Mannie Fresh – “Hate” (Feat. Lil Wayne, Juvenile, & Birdman)

Mannie Fresh – “Hate” (Feat. Lil Wayne, Juvenile, & Birdman)

The Cash Money Millionaires are back! Until they very recently ended their beef, Birdman and Lil Wayne had been at each other’s throats for more than a year. But that was only the latest in a long series of internal fractures that tore apart Cash Money, one of the great rap crews of the late ’90s and early ’00s. And so it’s awesome to see most of them coming back together on a new Mannie Fresh track.

Fresh was the Cash Money house producer during the label’s boom years, and, alongside Birdman, he was half of the Big Tymers. Fresh is working on a new solo project, and he’s rounded up Juvenile and Lil Wayne on his new track “Hate,” which also features a triumphant Birdman intro. So: This song has both Big Tymers and two of the four Hot Boys. All we’d need would be Turk and (the currently incarcerated) B.G. for a full-on Cash Money Millionaires reunion. We’re 67% of the way there! It helps, too, that “Hate” is a great song, a nasty and propulsive piece of slurry New Orleans rap greatness. Listen to it below, via Pitchfork.

In a statement, Mannie says:

One word to describe this track: Bawesome — because I’m a boss and I’m awesome. I’ve put a lot of effort into making this track happen. I’ve always been the liaison between these guys, they took my word and put their trust in me in bringing everyone together for this hot track. You definitely can expect more from this project I’m about to drop with Mass Appeal Records. This is just the foreplay, you can expect the eargasm later.

Mannie Fresh has a new project coming soon on Mass Appeal Records.

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