Alyeska – “EverGlow” (Stereogum Premiere)

Alyeska is an archaic spelling of Alaska, and it’s the name LA-based Montana native Alaska Reid chose for her band. Reid, Ben Spear, and Enzo Scardapane worked with indie-rock superproducer John Agnello on their forthcoming debut album, and from the sounds of advance single “EverGlow,” it’s gonna be a good one. It’s a dusky, guitar-powered track that pulls heavily from the alternative rock era, Reid’s six-string alternately kicking out eerie feedback squalls and searing high-end fret work as the band kicks up an ominous groove behind her. The vocals take the form of heavyhearted sighs, and the slow-building climax lends them plenty emotional weight. No reinventing the wheel here, just an amazing song that deserves the world’s attention. Listen below.

Alyeska’s debut album is expected out this summer.

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