Plush – “Sheer Power”

Sex is an intoxicating force. When you don’t have it, you want it; when you have it, you just want more of it. There are power dynamics at play, a push and pull of bodies and minds, and we’ll do irrational things not to lose that feeling of being connected with someone else. “It only lasted a moment/ I pray I find it again,” Karli Helm sings on Plush’s new single, “Sheer Power,” the first we’ve heard from the San Francisco band’s upcoming new EP, Please, the follow-up to last year’s debut, Pine. “I’ll crawl to you, just say when, so we can carry on.” Desire makes you become someone else, or maybe it makes you into your true, most vulnerable self: “I have the sheer power of knowing I still haunt you when I’m gone,” goes the closing line to the song. “I’ve always wanted to write a song about my sexuality, more so sex specifically and feeling empowered through the act. As a woman, I think that’s extremely important,” Helm told The Fader about the track. The knowledge that we can have that effect on people is empowering, but it also means others can have that effect on us, leave us wanting and haunted. Sex is a weapon, it’s a trap, it’s fleeting, it’s the driving force behind everything that we do. It’s sheer power. Listen below.

Plush’s Please EP is out 4/29 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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