RJD2 – “We Come Alive” (Feat. Son Little)

Versatile producer RJ Krohn, better known as RJD2, is in full promo mode for his imminent album Dame Fortune. Thus far he’s offered the stellar funk-tinged tracks “Peace Of What” and “The Sheboygan Left.” Today he shares “We Come Alive” via OkayPlayer with an assist from R&B crooner and fellow Philadelphian Son Little.

“We Come Alive” is another genre sample platter like we’ve come to expect from RJD2. Intricate drum work, grand piano chords, jazzy percussion, lingering classical strings, and a slew of other sounds combine for a big band feel, which is ideal for Son Little’s pretty wails. Little soulfully sings about finding the things worth holding onto in existences that sometimes feel like little more than humdrum routines repeating themselves, while knocking celebrity off of the pedestal many hoist it on. He sings directly to the listener: “To you/ Just living life/ It’s only rock’n’roll besides/ It seems so low just to get so high/ Diamonds flashing all in my eyes.” RJD2’s well-balanced arsenal and Little’s vocals make for a contemplative wonder that is easy to dance to. It’s difficult whether to sit and listen or just dance your problems away. Either way, they’ve got you covered. Listen.

Dame Fortune is out 3/25 on RJ’s Electrical Connections.

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