The Thermals – “Thinking Of You”

Oregon indie-punk trio The Thermals are in full swing on promo for their upcoming seventh album, We Disappear. They’ve shared two short, high-energy tracks in “Hey You” and “My Heart Went Cold.” Today, the band returns with an even shorter, more blistering offering: the breakup fallout anthem “Thinking Of You” (via Nerdist). Layers of ’70s punk, shoegaze, drums, and an infectious melody quickly move through all the feels of missing someone you just broke up with, unable to regulate how much they dominate your thoughts. Lead singer Hutch Harris laments, “I’ve been listening to the voice inside my head/ Wishing I’d heard you instead/ And when I thought about love/ I was only thinking of us/ When I thought of all the things I wanna do/ I was only thinking of you.” This isn’t one for wallowing in, it’s like a quick pick-me-up to remind you of all the other fish in the proverbial sea or the convenient sea of dating apps on your phone. It’s also a good gym song to get that body right and let that pesky ex know what they’re missing. Listen

We Disappear is out 3/25 on Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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