PWR BTTM – “West Texas” Video

“May cause extreme hot flashes and boy sweats,” reads the disclaimer at the end of PWR BTTM’s “West Texas” video, rated Q for queer. “Some heartbreaking scenes and great American love stories that will make you dream and escape the cold embrace of normality.” Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce make their way to an empty waterpark in the desert for the video and make their mark on the abandoned space the only way they know how.

“This video is about taking authorship of your life, even if you can’t fully control which characters stick around,” Bruce explained in a press release. The clip was directed by H.S. Naji, who sets up the concept for the video as such: “I planned for the term ‘revisiting desolation’ to be the crux of the video. The location plays as all those broken promises, false hopes, and crushed hearts everyone experiences. We see these two personas walk through that familiar cemetery of attractions — and at least make due with pool paraphernalia and glitter.” Watch below.

PWR BTTM’s debut album, Ugly Cherries, is out now. It’s being put out on vinyl for the first time — you can pre-order via Miscreant and Father/Daughter Records.