CeeLo Thinks We’re Gonna Let Him Use International Women’s Day To Market His New Single

Back in 2014, CeeLo Green torpedoed his career by pleading no contest to giving ecstasy to a woman who accused him of sexual assault and subsequently unleashing a stream of loathsome tweets about rape and consent. Ever since then, he’s been attempting to manufacture a redemption narrative for himself in the most craven, opportunistic way possible — issuing a bunch of bullshit non-apologies, cashing in on the death of Robin Williams with an awful “tribute” song, considering naming his comeback album Girl Power. And now, in perhaps his most gallingly transparent move yet, he’s trying to use International Women’s Day to market his new single “God Is A Woman,” which, yes, is a gospel song about how god is a woman. “In honor of International Women’s Day, CeeLo presents to you ‘God Is A Woman,'” the track’s SoundCloud description declares, and this is the point at which I just want to throw up my hands and say “ugh” and be done with this dude — even if Kendrick Lamar has apparently forgiven him, judging by his inclusion on untitled unmastered.. But you know what? It’s actually kind of nice to have these periodic little reminders that yep, CeeLo is still a piece of shit. Some things never change.

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