Original Smashing Pumpkins Lineup Will Sue Whoever Is Leaking Old Demos

Two unreleased Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness-era Smashing Pumpkins demos leaked earlier this week. One was a version of the James Iha-penned song “One And Two” with Billy Corgan on lead vocals and one was a clip of “The Tracer” from the Zero EP’s “Pastichio Medley,” and Corgan isn’t too happy about either of them being out in the world now. In a post from the Smashing Pumpkins’ official Facebook account, as Alternative Nation reports, Corgan writes that he and other original Smashing Pumpkins members Jimmy Chamberlin, James Iha, and D’arcy Wretzky are “unified” in their intent to find out whoever’s leaking old Smashing Pumpkins demos and sue them. The post in question has since been deleted, but it was preserved by Alternative Nation, and you can read it below:

A NOTE REGARDING LEAKS FROM THE PUMPKINS ARCHIVES: Recently, some “fresh” tracks, albeit outtakes and work product from 20+ years ago, surfaced on the internet. And though such releases are celebrated by fans and media alike, they are the product of theft and should not be applauded as such. Remember, whoever the culprit is, they do not reveal themselves for fear of prosecution. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not some Robin Hood helping out the impoverished. And when they are found out, we, the Smashing Pumpkins (and yes, the original 4 are unified on such issues) will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law as well as bring a civil suit; for undoubtedly this person is a former employee. And in that, we will reward whoever helps bring this matter to its just result. But that does not mean we don’t have our suspicions and leads. It’s only a matter of time.