José González – “With The Ink Of A Ghost” Video

José González – “With The Ink Of A Ghost” Video

Last year, the Swedish-Argentine singer-songwriter José González released his solo album Vestiges & Claws, and it’s already yielded a whole pile of videos: “Every Age,” “Leaf Off / The Cave,” “Open Book,” “Let It Carry You.” And now he’s got a new video for his contemplative, impressionist album track “With The Ink Of A Ghost.” It focuses entirely on the dancer Yared Cederlund as he goes through an expressive, artfully framed sequence. Check it out below and read a statement on it from director Malin Ingrid Johansson.

Johansson writes:

Using both the physical movement through Yared’s body, and the movement between the two rooms, we wanted to do something as contradictory as visualizing the invisible.

Us people are often strongly under the influence by forces we can’t see. Forces inside and outside of us, sometimes created by events that took place long before us.

In the same way, our actions today will affect those coming long after us. By then we will be what’s invisible.

Vestiges & Claws is out now on Mute.

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