PJ Harvey – “The Community Of Hope” Video

PJ Harvey – “The Community Of Hope” Video

The Community Of Hope,” the new single from PJ Harvey’s forthcoming album The Hope Six Demolition Project, is about the Washington, DC area Ward 7, and it’s about all the problems that come with poverty and gentrification. (Local politicians are not very fond of the song.) The song’s new video was shot entirely in DC, and Harvey doesn’t appear in it at all. Instead, her regular recent collaborator, the wartime photographer Seamus Murphy, went to DC and captured a range of everyday sights, just like he did in Kosovo for Harvey’s “The Wheel” video. The clip ends with a gospel choir howling the final sardonic refrain: “They’re gonna build a Wal-Mart here.” Local city council candidates are probably not going to be any happier about the song when they see this. Check it out below.

The Hope Six Demolition Project is out 4/15 on Vagrant Records.

UPDATE: Harvey learned about DC from the Washington Post reporter Paul Schwartzman, who drove her around the city despite having no idea who she was. You should read his story about giving that tour.

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