Stream Debut Album From Former Majical Cloudz Frontman’s New Project

Earlier this month, the great Montreal duo Majical Cloudz announced their breakup, and they played their final show in their hometown earlier this week. And now frontman Devon Welsh already has a new project going. He’s a member of Belave, a trio that also features the former Majical Cloudz member Matthew E. Duffy. And as Pitchfork reports, they just released Indigo, Streams, Lash, a five-track album that they recorded over 2014 and 2015. Duffy is credited with the lyrics and vocals, while Welsh was responsible for the “music,” and Austin Milne, a former member of the Pop Winds with Welsh, played saxophone. On first glance, the music has the meditative calm of Majical Cloudz, but Duffy’s flighty vocals couldn’t possibly be more different than Welsh’s. Listen to the record below.

Indigo, Streams, Lash is available as a name-your-price download at Bandcamp.