Drake And Kendrick Lamar Are Teasing A Collab Or Both Just Like $2 Bills

Drake has been working on his long-awaited album Views From The 6, and today, he posted a photo from the studio. Which, in and of itself, isn’t very interesting. Lots of people post studio pics! The interesting part is the stack of $2 bills hanging out at the top of the image:

6 Side

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“Why is a stack of $2 bills interesting?” you might ask. Well, earlier this week, as XXL points out, some footage emerged of Kendrick Lamar counting a wad of $2 bills while hanging out in the studio with TDE co-president Dave Free:

K. Dot in the lab 👀

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Shine on a track like a platinum chain

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Could this be a coincidence? Yeah, definitely. $2 bills are pretty cool! If I had a whole stack of ‘em, I’d probably be showing them off too! Kendrick is also touring in New Zealand at the moment, while Drake seems to be in Toronto, which makes it unlikely that they’ve been hanging out together this week. But if it is indeed the same stack of $2 bills and these guys are taking their rivalry into the studio…well, that’d be a big fucking deal.