Lisa Prank – “Starting Again”

Lisa Prank – “Starting Again”

Lisa Prank, the roaring pop-punk project of Robin Edwards, comes from the same hotbed of Seattle rock that’s also home to Chastity Belt, Tacocat, and Childbirth. She released her debut tape, Crush On The World, back in 2014, and some of the songs on it are repurposed for her upcoming full-length, Adult Teen, including “Baby Let Me Write Yr Lines,” one of my preeminent jams of that summer. It also contains a bunch of new tracks, like the peppy lead single “Starting Again,” which sounds like it could’ve been ripped straight out of the Clueless soundtrack or serve as the much more welcome inverse to the macho sad boy bullshit of one hit wonder “Flavor Of The Weak.” Edwards looks back on a past love that went south, and tries hard to erase every memory of them, but finds it impossible: “Can’t get rid of the notes you wrote me/ I still find them in my car, a tape, a coat/ Dead inside jokes,” she reflects. “I know, I know I know, that I’ve got to, go to, got to, let it…” But she can’t even get that last word out before it’s back to remembering and thinking about what could have been. “Another face that I will spend another year just to forget. Was it worth it?” Good question, no easy answer. Listen via The Fader below.

Adult Teen is out 6/24 via Father/Daughter Records on vinyl and Miscreant Records on tape.

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