Watch A Rare Jim O’Rourke Full Band Performance In Tokyo

Last year Jim O’Rourke released Simple Songs, the restless experimental luminary/Wilco whisperer/former Sonic Youth member’s first pop-rock album since 2001’s dope Insignificance, and it was also dope. But O’Rourke lives in Japan now, and his only performances in support of the new album were in the Land of the Rising Sun. Fortunately, Drag City has directed us to video recordings of O’Rourke performing three songs at Sogetsu Hall in Tokyo earlier this month, backed by not only a rock band but a symphony orchestra. Check out their performances of “Hotel Blue, “Last Year,” and “Therefore I Am” (a personal favorite of mine) below.

Now if we could just get footage of “All Downhill From Here” we’d be all set.

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