Destroyer – “My Mystery (DJ [email protected] Remix)” Video

“My Mystery” is a leftover from the recording sessions for Destroyer’s most recent album, Poison Season. It’s being released as a 12-inch on its own later this year with a remix attributed to DJ [email protected] — a member of the live band and creator of previous Destroyer remixes — on the flip side. Today, somewhat unconventionally, the remix has been released and gotten the video treatment before the original, which probably means we won’t hear the Dan Bejar-only version for a while yet. Here’s how Bejar explained the new song on Merge’s website:

We recorded a song called “My Mystery” a year and a half ago. Kind of a light number, vaguely danceable. Wistful, looking back not unfondly on time spent and dull misadventures had within the dead-as-a-doornail music industry. And the feeling of where it leaves you, like a rat in the middle of the ocean, though not as harsh as that; as if rats could swim an ocean’s length.

Then one day DJ [email protected] called me up and said, “You got any shit for me?”…

The music video was shot in Mexico City by Nicolas Bragg. Watch and listen below.

The “My Mystery” 12-inch is out 5/6 via Merge. Pre-order here.