Watch Tenacious Limp Bizkit Fans Shut Down Dayton Sunoco

Watch Tenacious Limp Bizkit Fans Shut Down Dayton Sunoco

In the last few days, a viral Facebook hoax went around, attempting to convince people that Limp Bizkit were going to play a free show at a Sunoco gas station in Dayton, Ohio to celebrate 4/20. Fred Durst assured fans that it wasn’t happening, and so did the Dayton Police Department, as we reported yesterday. The Daily Beast even interviewed the guy who came up with the hoax. But people still showed up. Never underestimate the human spirit.

Dayton’s local Fox affiliate reports that the Sunoco station actually shut down for the night, which meant fans were forced to convene on a patch of grass across the street from it instead. And at a certain point, police told the crowd to go home. But from the looks of things, everyone knew the Bizkit weren’t playing, and they all just went to have fun anyway. Based on what we can see in the news report, the crowd looks small, good-natured, and extremely drunk.

One fan: “It’s a little disappointing but [Fred Durst] might be around here. He might be in one of them buildings watching us. So we really don’t know that.” Another fan: “I actually just came to get some gas and, you know, I’m a fan of Limp Bizkit. Of course, I knew it was a hoax, but I’m glad to see the band get a lot of notoriety.” And one more: “I’m hoping that the community can rally around Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit’s music and just make Dayton a kind of cool spot that we could all come to and rock out.” Here’s the news report:

Ready for the #LimpBizkit 4/20 show. #sunocotour #kevinwhaleyisabitch #420

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A whole bunch of bizkit heads. #durstordie #makeamericalimpagain

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#LimpBizkit #Sunoco @peacesellsbutwhosbrian

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Dayton looks fun!

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