Ezra Koenig Explains His Writing Credit On Beyoncé’s “Hold Up”

Ezra Koenig Explains His Writing Credit On Beyoncé’s “Hold Up”

“How did the Yeah Yeah Yeahs get credited on a Beyonce song that was co-written by Ezra Koenig, Father John Misty, and Diplo?” is a question that wouldn’t have made any fucking sense 48 hours ago, but here we are in a post-LEMONADE world and now we have an answer to that very question. It’s a convoluted set of events, all based around a Koenig tweet from 2011, but the Vampire Weekend frontman took to Twitter to set things straight to those who may have thought he got a songwriting credit for a single tweet (come on, it’ll probably take another few years for that to happen). Here’s how “Hold Up” came together:

2003 – yyy’s release “maps”

2011 – i think “what if it was ‘hold up’ instead of ‘wait’?” & tweet a tweet

2014 – i’m in the studio with diplo. i really like this one andy williams loop thing he’d been messing with. we decide to make it a song. i try to think of something to go over it. i write a hook based on the maps tweet, adding new lines/melodies. originally it was “there’s no other God above you, what a wicked way to treat the man who loves you.” i figured it was going to be a vampire weekend song, but was easily convinced it could be better/go to a new place as a beyonce song.

2015/2016 – lots of other stuff happens to that demo in terms of producing/writing. beyonce 100% made it her own & i’m very glad to have been a part of it. of course, i made sure that YYYs were credited. shoutout to diplo and everyone else involved !

2016 is wild! I love “Maps”!

UPDATE: Diplo shared this snippet of a demo featuring Koenig’s vocals via Snapchat.

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