Watch Last Night’s My Morning Jacket Concert For Austin City Limits

My Morning Jacket are one of those rare sure-bet live bands, the type of band to catch every time you’ve got a chance. Last night, they played at Austin’s Moody Theater, taping their third episode of the long-running PBS live-music show Austin City Limits. And ACL livestreamed the entire two-hour show on YouTube, then archived the whole thing, which means we can now watch a full MMJ show from our desks. Below, watch last night’s show and check out the setlist.

01 “Circuital”
02 “Believe (Nobody Knows)”
03 “Outta My System”
04 “Spring (Among the Living)”
05 “Slow Slow Tune”
06 “Throwback (When We Were Young)”
07 “Tropics (Erase Traces)”
08 “Only Memories Remain”
09 “Master Plan”
10 “In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)”
11 “I Will Sing You Songs”
12 “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)”
13 “Get the Point”
14 “Victory Dance”
15 “Compound Fracture”
16 “Mahgeetah”