Watch Holograms Of Dead Vocalists Sing Contemporary Pop Hits On SNL’s Dead Bopz Commercial

We already have kids performing contemporary pop songs, but what about dead people? Enter Dead Bopz, which is exactly what it sounds like. In a sketch from last night’s Brie Larson-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, a hologram Bing Crosby hawks a compilation CD featuring hologram versions of all your favorite dead artists of yesterday performing all your favorite jams of today. “”Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo? More like Ginger Rogers featuring Fred Astaire!” The tracklist includes Sasheer Zamata as Eartha Kitt singing “Bitch Better Have My Money,” Jay Pharoah as Tupac doing “Shake It Off,” and Taran Killam as Roy Orbison singing “Sorry.” Watch the commercial below.

The other music-related sketch of the night was about Discreet Annihilation, a shitty band made up of Brie Larson, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, trying to get you to donate to their Kickstarter. Here’s that: