Watch Nardwuar Interview Drake & 40

We don’t post every Nardwuar interview, since the man is so prolific that it’s impossible to keep up, even after suffering from a stroke earlier this year. The Canadian institution has spent time with virtually every important person in just about every realm of popular music, and he always researches the hell out of every interview subject and brings a ton of collector items to every video. But Nardwuar interviewing Drake is the sort of thing we will post. Drake almost never does interviews anymore, but he carved out an hour to spend in the studio with a fellow Canadian institution. And also sitting in on the interview was Noah “40” Shebib, Drake’s publicity-shy production mastermind. We almost never get to hear Drake talk about music, and we almost never get to hear 40 talk at all — it had somehow never occurred to me that he’d have a super-thick Canadian accent. I’m only about 10 minutes into the interview as I’m typing this, but Drake has already referred to Chocolate Starfish as a Common album, and Nardwaur has referred to dancehall superstar “Mavado” as “Mavadado.” Watch the full interview below.

Drake’s album Views is out now, but you already knew that.