Watch Desiigner Bug The Fuck Out In His TV Debut On Colbert

Desiigner, the 19-year-old Future imitator from Brooklyn, bubbled up out of nowhere earlier this year. He already has a #1 song in “Panda,” but he’s still something of a mystery. And when he made his network TV debut on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (doing “Panda,” naturally), he gave most of us our first glimpse at what he’s like onstage. As it turns out, Desiigner, at least when he’s doing “Panda,” does not put a lot of energy into actually rapping onstage. His hypeman probably rapped more lines than he did. But he does put a whole lot of energy into everything else, and he’s a total ball of nervous movement and bugged-out facial expressions. It’s not too often that we get to see someone this raw and unformed on TV, and there’s something endearing about it. It’s also awkward and funny, especially whenever the Colbert cameras show the audience. Watch it below.

Desiigner will presumably release an album at some point, but I can’t imagine anyone’s fiending for it right now.