The Avalanches Tease New Song “Subways” Via Hotline

The Avalanches Tease New Song “Subways” Via Hotline

The Avalanches are totally back, and the world now gets to hear a piece of an actual new single, something they haven’t given us in years. They’re not making it easy, though. NME writer Matthew Horton noticed some posters for the Avalanches’ forthcoming documentary Since They Left Us showing up around London, and he tweeted a couple of photos of them:

Someone on Reddit squinted hard and noticed that there’s a phone number on the posters. After they called the number — which happens to be +44 800 098 8938 — they heard a snippet of a new song. And after Shazaming it, they learned that the new track is called “Subways,” which is one of the possible song titles that we learned about earlier this week. One fan looped the snippet and made a whole song out of it, but that’s already been taken down from SoundCloud. So you’ll have to pay the long-distance fees if you want to hear the music. Or you could just wait a little while; it has to be coming soon now.

According to widespread speculation, a new Avalanches track called “Frankie Sinatra” will arrive later today. And next weekend, the group will play their first live show in years at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival.

UPDATE: Pitchfork reports that the hotline is now available to US callers at (855) 953-3597.

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