Bob Dylan Shares Statement On The Death Of Muhammad Ali

Bob Dylan isn’t the kind of celebrity who usually releases statements about random current events, but yesterday wasn’t a usual day. Yesterday, we learned that silver-tongued boxing legend, activist, and self-proclaimed “the greatest” Muhammad Ali had passed away at the age of 74. In response, Dylan shared a brief statement via his official website:

If the measure of greatness is to gladden the heart of every human being on the face of the earth, then he truly was the greatest. In every way he was the bravest, the kindest and the most excellent of men.

Paul Simon also paid tribute to Ali while performing at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California on Friday night, pausing during the final verse of “The Boxer” to break the news of his death to the audience. “I’m sorry to tell you this way, but Muhammad Ali has passed away,” the singer said, eliciting an audible sigh of sadness from the crowd. Watch below via People.