Minnesota Governor Declares Today Prince Day, Tidal Adds 15 Prince Albums

If we hadn’t lost Prince to a Fentanyl overdose earlier this year, the man would’ve turned 58 today. And befitting his status as a national treasure, Prince is now getting his own day in his home state of Minnesota. On Twitter, Minnesota governor Mark Drayton declared today to be Prince Day in Minnesota, citing Prince’s music, his iconic status, his many awards, and his role in creating the Minneapolis sound. Here’s Drayton’s official declaration:

Meanwhile, as Billboard reports, Tidal, the one streaming service that has the right to Prince’s music, has just made a whole raft of his records available for streaming. The service already hosted most of Prince’s classics, and the new albums up on Tidal occupy the fascinating margins of his discography. There’s The Black Album, the 1987 experiment that Prince left unreleased for years. There’s the 1996 soundtrack for Spike Lee’s not-exactly-beloved movie Girl 6. There’s the massive 1998 mail-order triple-disc Crystal Ball. And there are others, including rarities, B-sides, and unreleased recordings.