Stream Told Slant Going By

Stream Told Slant Going By

There’s a part on “Tall Cans Hold Hands” — one of the many highlights from Told Slant’s sophomore album, Going By — that makes my heart skip a beat every time I hear it: “Life was not bad… with tall cans and hold hands,” Felix Walworth mutedly observes on the song, evoking an appreciation for the small acts of human companionship that make everything else seem worthwhile. They’re joined by Florist’s Emily Sprague as the music drops out and twinkles around them: “You’re my best friend,” Walworth croaks out. “And I need you. Do you know that?

Those sorts of shiver-inducing moments are part and parcel of the Told Slant package, and the Epoch-affiliated band has mastered the art of building up to those rollercoaster drops of emotion. They were present on early singles “Low Hymnal,” “Tsunami,” and “High Dirge” — all three of which made it onto our 5 best songs list in the respective weeks they were released — and they’re all over Going By, which is full of achingly sentimental and intimate songs about the mutability of identity and the self, the fleeting but intoxicating nature of love, the power of friendship. Listen to the whole thing via Hype Machine below.

Going By is out 6/17 via Double Double Whammy. You can pre-order it here. Told Slant is currently on tour with the Hotelier, Bellows, and Loone.

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