Stream Gioia’s Self-Titled EP

My friend Nick Sylvester produced Shamir’s Ratchet and Mai Lan’s “Technique.” He played drums in Mr. Dream and founded the Godmode label. He does a lot of awesome shit, and I’m proud to know him. And here’s another thing he’s done: He’s teamed up with Eddi Front frontwoman Ivana Carrescia to form a duo called Gioia. Together, they make intense, diffuse, chilly electronic music that doesn’t really sound like anything else I can name. The duo’s music doesn’t blare; it insinuates, while remaining bleak and intimidating. It’s really something. We’ve posted the duo’s track “Circling.” And today, they release their four-track self-titled debut EP. Stream it below.

Gioia is out today on Godmode.