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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

There were some really, really great TV performances this past week: Diarrhea Planet! Band Of Horses! Hundred Waters with Chance The Rapper and Skrillex! That last one was so good, in fact, that I’m wondering, once again, whether I should start including TV performances on this list. I probably won’t, though! So instead, check out this week’s picks below.

5. Lil Silva – “De Ja” (Feat. Kent Jamz) (NSFW) (Dir. Matt Halsall)

I wasn’t sure what to do with this one. It’s clearly a great video. It’s legitimately shocking and disturbing and visually compelling, and I don’t think I’ve seen anything that looks quite like it, though that dystopic Black Mirror episode where people have to ride exercycles is obviously an influence. So it belongs on this list. But on the other hand, it’s fucking disgusting, and I didn’t have any fun watching it. Do with that as you will.

4. Justin Bieber – “Company” (Dir. Rory Kramer)

He’s a graceful little fucker, isn’t he?

3. Band Of Horses – “Whatever, Wherever” (Dir. SHY)

There’s nothing fancy about this one. It’s just friends and families and little kids and barbecue grills and bigass trampolines. It makes me really happy.

2. MØ – “Final Song” (Dir. Tomas Whitmore)

This is how you make a pop video: You make your star look like some sort of astral super-being.

1. Mai Lan – “Technique” (Dir. PANAMÆRA)

It’s increasingly impossible to turn someone into a star based on a single track and a single video. I have a feeling that this video might be able to pull it off, though.