Watch Thom Yorke Play Pop-Up Concert In Neighbor’s Backyard

These days, Radiohead are maintaining a busy schedule of festival shows, but it appears that frontman Thom Yorke took the time over the weekend to play a very, very small show for some neighbors who didn’t know who he was. Yesterday, one of Yorke’s neighbors in Oxford reportedly held a garden party, presumably to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. And at said garden party, Yorke reportedly played a half-hour solo-acoustic set.

One Reddit user posed a text from his father, proudly announcing that “Tom York of Radiohead” was all set to play at this party:

And according to NME, Yorke’s set included “Desert Island Disk,” “No Suprises,” “Street Spirit (Fade Out),” “Reckoner,” and “I Might Be Wrong.” That’s a really great Radiohead set! So, once again, let’s all lament the fact that we are not rich British people.

UPDATE: And here, via Pitchfork, is some video of Yorke playing Reckoner. He sounds great!