The So So Glos – “Dancing Industry” Video

If you’ve ever spent time in New York, you know exactly what “showtime!” means. It means your subway train is about to be taken over by breakdancers who want your money. Lately, NYC authorities have tried to clamp down on the dance crews, and longtime New Yorkers tend to bitch about them, but I never got sick of them when I was living there. And evidently, neither have the So So Glos, the Brooklyn punks who released their Kamikaze album last month. The new video for the album track “Dancing Industry” is guerrilla-shot footage of a dance crew, as well as the members of the band, going off on one particular subway train while unwitting-extra commuters do their best to not make eye contact with anyone. It’s a lot of fun, and this particular dance crew is more talented than most. Watch it below.

Kamikaze is out now on Votiv.