Vigil For Slain Rapper Leads To Standoff With Baltimore Police

If you’ve paid any attention to the news in the past year, you probably already know that tensions between Baltimore police and the people of the city are high. This past weekend, Baltimore lost one of its rap heroes: Tyriece Watson, who recorded as Lor Scoota and whose 2014 single “Bird Flu” had been a local anthem. On Saturday night, an unknown gunman murdered Watson as he was leaving a charity basketball game.

Last night, a group of fans and friends assembled for an impromptu vigil outside Shake N Bake, the West Baltimore roller rink where Lor Scoota first performed “Bird Flu.” According to the Baltimore City Paper, that vigil led to a tense standoff with local police. When some of the crowd drifted into the street, a police helicopter ordered the crowd to disperse. Soon after, police, some in riot gear, lined the streets and tried to get the crowd to go home.

According to Baltimore police, three people were arrested last night for throwing bricks and bottles, though people in the crowd denied that anything like that happened. Local politicians and rappers eventually helped convince the crowd to go home.

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