Crocodiles – “Telepathic Lover”

Crocodiles – “Telepathic Lover”

San Diego glam-punk duo Crocodiles are Band To Watch alums that have been exceptionally prolific since receiving the designation. Last year’s Boys was the outfits’s fifth album since 2009, and thankfully they continue to proceed at an unrelenting pace, already back again this fall for their sixth LP Dreamless. The album is led by the light-as-air “Telepathic Lover,” which finds Crocodiles tapping into a sound far more lush than their tradition of noisy reverb-rockers would suggest. Working with a frenetic heartbeat, “Telepathic Lover” sweats gooey drops of dream pop, ringing pristinely with bright keyboards and sultry acoustic guitars rather than their classic fuzz-pedal feedback.

But while Crocodiles are definitely flirting with their sentimental side on this new single, the sonic shift is more an amplification of their existing proclivity for maudlin flair than a truly significant departure. For one, the pessimistic computer-speak introduction shows their playfully dramatic sense of humor is well in-tact. The lyrics echo the sentiment of hopelessness with vocalist Brandon Welchez cooing warnings to his titular interest to avoid using her powers on his mind because of the darkness that remains inside. It’s all proof that Crocodiles still wield a fierce bite — it’s just drenched in a much sweeter syrup. Listen below.

Dreamless is out 10/21 via Zoo Music.

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