Franz Ferdinand Part Ways With Founding Guitarist

Guitarist Nick McCarthy has been a part of the angular Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand since the band started in 2002. He’s recorded four albums with the band, as well as one with the associated project FFS. And now he’s stepping out. The band announced McCarthy’s departure on Twitter this morning. The band explains that McCarthy has a young family and that he doesn’t want to commit the time necessary to go through the whole album-cycle process, most of which takes place far from home. For his part, McCarthy thanks fans and says that he wants to concentrate on “production and writing and some completely different things for a bit.” (He’s also released two albums with his side-project band Box Codax, but there’s no word on whether that’s due for a comeback.) Here’s the statement from the band:

Amazingly, this will be the first lineup change for Franz Ferdinand in the band’s 16 years of existence.