Hear Grimes Break Down “Kill V. Maim” On Song Exploder

The Song Exploder podcast, in which musicians discuss certain songs in great detail, is one of the our great music-dork resources. And on the most recent episode, they brought in a titan. Grimes, whose album Art Angels was our favorite of last year, came on the show to discuss “Kill V. Maim,” the album’s hardest and most immediate song. On the podcast, Grimes explains that she wanted to make a distinctly hard and non-cute song, the sort of song that “I would like to play during an action sequence in a movie.” She also says that she imagined the sort of song that would play in the trailer for an imaginary movie — “The Godfather with vampires, like a mixture of The Godfather and Twilight.” She also says that it’s “probably my favorite song I’ve ever made,” calls her guitars “a complete mess of unprofessionalism,” and says that she imagined the chorus sung in the voice of a Harley Quinn type of character. Listen to the full podcast here.