New Fleet Foxes Album Apparently Titled Crack-Up

The long-awaited third Fleet Foxes album is finally on its way, and apparently it’s going to be called Crack-Up. According to Reddit, the location of one of frontman Robin Pecknold’s recent Instagram posts was “Crack-Up Comedy Nights,” and a commenter guessed that that was the name of the new album. When Pecknold said he was close, others guessed Crack-Up, which Pecknold then confirmed, explaining that the title was partly inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald essay “The Crack-Up“: “f scott fitzgerald essay / arrangement and editing approach / school initials.” Pecknold has since deleted his original comments, but his explanation remains. Plus, there’s this post from a few weeks ago:

Still just pumped on SimSun sorry other fonts

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Pecknold talked a little about the album’s sound in a Reddit AMA earlier this year…

I don’t want to change genres necessarily – I feel like there was a period from 2012-2016 where it would have been very culturally exhausting to release a “folk” sounding album, considering the climate of Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers etc being so incredibly popular. What were we to do? Try and be as popular as them and change the music? Switch genres in reaction to that zeitgeist, which would be sacrificing my tastes just for the purpose of Othering ourselves from them? I didn’t want to be working from a place of Reaction but from a place of Action and that was just impossible to do in those years considering what Fleet Foxes had come to mean and what had happened after. That has all died down so I don’t feel weird being in a “folk” context, but I also don’t feel weird about making something that doesn’t sound “folky” because it wouldn’t be just to distance ourselves from that sound. I just think Reaction is a bad place to be and can result in whack art that you don’t really believe in. I’ve worked on a lot of noise music that I don’t really believe in over the last couple of years and I don’t want to be releasing stuff that’s just commentary on the music business

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