Banks & Steelz – “Giant” Video

A month from today, Banks & Steelz, the duo of rap legend RZA and Interpol frontman Paul Banks, will release their debut album Anything But Words. And this morning, they’ve got a new video for “Giant,” their soaring and expansive rap-rocker. Where their “Love + War” video was a fun, bloody Tarantino-style romp, this one is fairly straightforward, showing RZA and Banks performing in a dilapidated old room, rocking in an alleyway, and playing chess against each other. (I bet RZA won that one.) There’s also a cool visual where we see the Manhattan skyline doubled up and made to hang from the sky. Wendy Morgan directed the video, and you can see it below.

Anything But Words is out 8/26 on Warner Bros.