Tegan And Sara – “Faint Of Heart” Video

Tegan And Sara are on a mission to make videos from all 10 songs from their great new synthpop album Love You To Death. We’ve already seen their clips for “Boyfriend,” “U-Turn,” “100x,” and “BWU.” Today, they’ve got a new video for “Faint Of Heart,” but they’re barely in it. Instead, director Devon Kirkpatrick has cast a bunch of young people from the LGBTQ community, bringing them in to impersonate various pop icons. So in the video, we see a lip sync battle that features impersonators of Tegan And Sara themselves, as well as David Bowie, Prince, Madonna, Grace Jones, and a truly great Elvis. The real Tegan And Sara are in the video, but they’re mere faces in the crowd.

Talking to Teen Vogue, Tegan Quin says that they happened to film the video the day after the Orlando mass shooting, and she says, “First and foremost we just hope it reaches LGBTQ people and makes them feel realized. Some of the themes of the video — mentorship, finding community, expression, bravery — are things you see so many LGBTQ youth actively pursuing in order to thrive. We need to be strong against a lot of hate in this world.” Hopefully, she adds, “a wider audience is able to see the incredible talent and beauty of LGBTQ youth. I hope that it reminds people to not be consumed with what others might think, but instead to follow their hearts and feel empowered to express themselves freely, openly, and happily.” Watch the video below, via Teen Vogue.

Love You To Death is out now on Warner Bros.