Billy Corgan Discusses The New World Order On Infowars‘ Batshit Anti-Hillary Fundraiser

Billy Corgan Discusses The New World Order On Infowars‘ Batshit Anti-Hillary Fundraiser

Oh, Billy Corgan. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman’s repeated appearances on Infowars, the online talk show run by right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, have been a convenient way to track his descent into utter fucking lunacy. In recent months, Corgan has gone on the show to “demolish social justice warrior brainwashing” and compare Bernie Sanders to Chairman Mao, and this Thursday, he returned for a phone interview as part of a 28-hour anti-Hillary “Operation Sleeping Giant” fundraising marathon. A lot of the conversation is more or less gibberish — at various points, they touch on alien holograms, Satanism, and spiritual energetic vibrations — but this is Corgan’s longwinded critique of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention:

You’ve had the DNC now on for three days, and you’ve literally had for three days not one mention of the WikiLeaks hacking, no mention of Hillary being investigated by the justice department. What I’m trying to say and the reason I’m bringing this up, and I’m not trying to make a political point, is people are literally sitting in a conference room going, “Well we can’t talk about that, and we definitely can’t talk about that, and if you’re gonna bring that up you gotta” — you know what I’m saying? It’s a conscious manipulation. Now a person who’s on that side of the political aisle will say, “Well, they don’t have to talk about those things,” but my point is, why wouldn’t they talk about those things? Why doesn’t Hillary stand up and say, “You know, you checked out all my stuff and you came after me and you found nothing.” The point is, they want to avoid those subjects because they want to turn the page, they want to move on to a different psychological profile. That’s entertainment. That is not anything to with the human condition. The natural human response when you’re accused of something, if you believe you’re innocent, is to stand there and say, “Hey, by the way, this is my opinion of what happened, I’m gonna tell you the truth, and then I’m gonna move forward.” You hear Alex do it all the time on-air where he’s accused of things by other people, he will go into a massive explanation of “This is the way I think, this is the way I feel.” That is the natural human response to accusation. It’s not to propagandize and pretend like nothing’s going on — that’s entertainment.

He also talked about Clinton’s globalism:

Look at it from a very, very simple equation. You have a nationalist populist who is saying, “Everything is broken, and it needs to be fixed.” And many, many people feel that way so that idea can only resonate if many, many people feel that something needs to be broken before it can be fixed. And then on the other hand you have a basically open globalist saying, “Everything is fine, nothing to see here, let’s just march forward and we’re gonna make it better.'”

Later on, in response to a caller’s question, Corgan basically confirmed that he had been approached by the New World Order and that the Illuminati is into rock and roll: “Without going into specifics, I’ve been in some really crazy Eyes Wide Shut situations that told me that that’s not too far from the truth.” Watch the whole thing below; Corgan comes on around 36 minutes in.

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