Omar Rodríguez-López – “Running Away” Video (Feat. Buzz Osbourne, John Frusciante, & Teri Gender Bender)

There’s been plenty of news from the Mars Volta/At The Drive-In co-leader Omar Rodríguez-López this year. Just a few weeks ago he announced he’ll be releasing a crazily ambitious 12 solo albums biweekly before the year’s end. The first the of dozen is Corazones, which just dropped this past Friday. If all of the albums are this good, it will be quite the historic run.

Today, he’s given “Running Away”, one of the standout tracks from Corazones, the visual treatment. In this backwards narrative, we first find Rodríguez-López lying on his back underneath a pier on a California beach, then we realize how he got there. He appears to have committed some irreparable wrongs against his friends and they’ve had enough. As he attempts to make amends with each of them separately by bringing them flowers, they punch and kick him in the face. Eva Gardner, John Frusciante, Buzz Osborne, and Teri Gender Bender among others throw hard, petal-exploding blows. The Violeta Felix-directed clip is the perfect set of visuals for showing exactly what happens when you’ve run away from your transgressions instead of facing them head on, just as the song so evocatively captures. Watch.

Corazones is out now via Ipecac.