Grimes Shares Letter About Misinterpretations Of Her Suicide Squad Song

Two days ago, Grimes shared “Medieval Warfare,” her track from the new Suicide Squad soundtrack. And soon afterward, she posted a letter clarifying a few things about the song. Grimes would like the world to know that “Medieval Warfare” is not, as some outlets have reported, a song about sex. Instead, it’s a song about actual medieval warfare and killing men! Grimes wrote it from the perspective of the Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn. Grimes has since deleted the letter, but the GrimezszDaily Twitter posted a screengrab, and you can read the full text below.

interesting how the press genders my lyrics

Medieval warfare just came out and i noticed a lot of journalists changed the lyrics from ‘are you hot?’ (gender neutral) to ‘are you hard?’ (implying a hetero relationship – or sex involving a dick) and ‘can you kill a man with your hands? (vaguely misandrist lyric haha – sorry btw, but iunno the song is about medieval warfare which involved mostly dudes and it’s pretty hard to kill someone whilst un-armed with ur hands so it seemed like a cool lyric coming from the perspective of harley quinn. not meant to be pointedly hateful, but that’s what it is) to ‘can you kill someone with ur hands” (gender neutral lyric).

P much every quoted lyric from the song has been changed to make it about sex with men and to distance the song from being about violence against men.

happens all the time. like, until i said something, all the press assumed flesh without blood was about a hetero sexual relationship (its about a platonic friendship with a female friend), etc.

not complaining, just noticing. – Grimes

The Suicide Squad soundtrack and movie are both out today.