Dillinger Escape Plan Break Up

New Jersey mathcore pioneers Dillinger Escape Plan have been going since 1997, and they’ve played some of the most beautifully insane live shows I’ve ever seen. (It’s one thing to blow a fireball from the stage. It’s another thing entirely to blow a fireball from the stage in a tiny club and actually hit someone in the crowd.) But after 19 years of chaos, they’re getting ready to call it quits. The band is getting ready to release a new album called Dissociation this fall, and they’re planning on touring behind it. But once that round of touring is done, so is the band.

Talking to Noisey, guitarist Ben Weinman claims that the band is actually more popular than ever, but he also says, “I think it’s one of those things where we didn’t want to get to the point where we’re stopping because we have to or because we’re old or people are kind of over it. Who knows if that would ever happen, but I feel way more empowered in making hard decisions… I’m pretty proud to say we made it to 20 years of being a full-time active band. It’s an interesting life, you know?”

You can read the full interview here. Dissociation is out 10/14 on the band’s own Party Smasher Inc. label. Go see them now while you’ve got a chance, since there is absolutely nothing like a Dillinger live show.