Morrissey Says LAX Immigration Officials Stole $150 From His Wallet

Everyone hates airports, but they seem like a complete personal hell for Morrissey. Last year, Morrissey claimed that San Francisco Airport Security had sexually assaulted him. And in a recent interview with, Morrissey also alleges that LAX immigration officials stole $150 in cash from his wallet, right in front of him, because they thought he was being rude. Here’s Morrissey’s quote on it:

?It doesn’t take much to be thrown into a cell at LAX! You will notice that the Immigration Officers are persistently ordering you to “stand there,” which is a test to see if you will bow to their orders. If you say — as I did — “No. I’m perfectly OK where I am,” then they throw you into a cell for three hours because you are not frightened of them. They went through my belongings and took $150 out of my wallet; they kept the money and said “This is what saying ‘No’ has cost you” — which of course was illegal on their part. ?But they can? ?be as illegal as they wish.

Incidentally, when I arrived in Sydney last year the officer at Passport Control did her best to insult me and to cause a scene when there was no need. I refused to ?take the bait? because she was so rude, and so she threw my passport at me and looked away in disgust! I thought, “Wow, welcome to Australia!” They use the ISIS issue as an excuse to denigrate everyone, and they absolutely love it. ?

In the same interview, Morrissey comments on Bernie Sanders, Miley Cyrus’ Smiths fandom, and why he doesn’t sing all the hits at his shows. You can read the whole thing here.

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