Thom Yorke Is Sick Of Finding Creative Ways To Release Music

Later tonight, BBC Radio 1 will air a new interview with Thom Yorke. In a new teaser clip, the Radiohead frontman expresses some exhaustion over the idea of unorthodox album releases. To recap the last few Yorke-affiliated releases: His last solo album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, was released via BitTorrent, and In Rainbows pioneered the art of the near-surprise album release coupled with a pay-what-you-want model. A Moon Shaped Pool had a traditional if quickened rollout, eventually dropping on a Sunday.

But it seems like Yorke is done finding creative ways to release new music: “Ugh, yeah, again,” he says unenthusiastically of the way Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes was released. “Whatever. Enough of that now. I’ve entirely had enough of that. […] Just put it out, man, no more fuss, just put it out. I’m getting too old for that bit. It takes away from things a bit, it is sometimes frustrating. […] The energy of trying to figure out how to do it differently and circumvent the monsters … Whatever, whatever.”

Listen below. The full interview airs tonight at 1AM GMT.

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