Desiigner Arrested On Felony Drugs And Weapons Charges

The “Panda” hitmaker and Kanye West protege Desiigner was reportedly arrested last night and hit with drug and weapon charges after a road-rage incident. According to TMZ, an SUV that carried Desiigner and four others got into a screaming argument with the driver of another car last night, and the driver of the other car called 911 and claimed that the 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper had pointed a gun at him. He also took down the SUV’s license plate, and police arrested Desiigner and the others shortly thereafter.

Police claim that they found a number of loose pills, including Oxycontins, in the car. Police arrested all five of them, charging them with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell. They also charged Desiigner with felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon and menacing, though there’s no word on whether police actually found the gun. All five men remain in custody. (You can see video of the arrest at TMZ.)

It’s worth noting that the NYPD has a long and storied history of targeting rappers and hitting them with trumped-up charges. But if Desiigner did something really stupid last night, he wouldn’t be the first ascendant musician to fuck up his own career.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, the D.A. has dropped the felony gun charge, but Desiigner still faces charges of felony possession of a controlled substance and menacing. The drugs found were OxyContin, methadone, and illegal steroids. He was arraigned today, 9/10, and released.

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